# Day 7 Kubernetes

# Welcome

Picking up the container topic of Day 6 today we will dig deeper into containers and container orchestration and focus on Kubernetes.

# Challenges

# Goal

The goal of this day is to make you familiar with Kubernetes and give you hands-on experience in deploying real-world applications and services. First, we will setup your local environment that you are ready to use Kubernetes. Then we will setup a first Kubernetes cluster with the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

After a few easy tasks like deploying some containers/pods, this workshop will guide you how to setup deployments and different service types, how to route traffic from the internet to/within your cluster and in the end show you how to operate a real-world application consisting of multiple microservices backed by Azure platform services like Azure SQL DB and/or CosmosDB.

If you have completed Day 1-5 of the Azure Developer College, you are already familiar with the application used today. For all others: the application is called "Simple Contacts Management" and gives a user the ability to manage contacts and visit reports, a very tiny CRM, so to say.

# Result

At the end of the day, you will have a working application that looks like this:

home contacts stats

The architecture you will be setting up (in Kubernetes, as well as in Azure) looks like this: